Information Research Case Study

Case Study:  Information Research

Ahead of submitting a bid to win a Government-funded contract to deliver a new service, Company A wished to better understand the economic characteristics of the population in the new geographical areas covered by the proposed contract.

Office for National Statistics (ONS) data were used to compile the general economic status of resident groups in those areas, eg numbers employed/ unemployed, numbers self-employed, etc.

This research enabled the company to more accurately calculate delivery volumes by location and offer more tailored services to match the intended service beneficiaries.

GIS mapping in the form of heat maps overlain onto a Google street map enabled the company to visualise population densities of the different beneficiary groups in relation to the specific bespoke service delivery locations, local authority boundaries and rural/ urban classifications.

Other desk research provided additional more localised information key to the delivery locations and needs of potential clients (eg public transport networks).  This gave the company a better picture of where drop-in centres and service outlets could best be located.